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Unbounded solutios of quasi-linear difference equations

Basic information
Original title:Unbounded solutios of quasi-linear difference equations
Authors:Mariella Cecchi, Zuzana Došlá, Mauro Marini
Further information
Citation:CECCHI, Mariella, Zuzana DOŠLÁ a Mauro MARINI. Unbounded solutios of quasi-linear difference equations. Comput. Math. Appl., 2003, roč. 45, 10-11, s. 1113-1123. ISSN 0898-1221.Export BibTeX
author = {Cecchi, Mariella and Došlá, Zuzana and Marini, Mauro},
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keywords = {Quasilinear difference equation;unbounded solutions; asymptotic properties},
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journal = {Comput. Math. Appl.},
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volume = {45},
year = {2003}
Original language:English
Field:General mathematics
Type:Article in Periodical
Keywords:Quasilinear difference equation;unbounded solutions; asymptotic properties

Asymptotic properties of positive increasing solutions of a second order quasilinear difference equation are established using the Schauder fixed point theorem combined with the comparison method and the reciprocity principle.

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