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A Flexible, Low-Level Scene Graph Traversal with Explorers

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Original title:A Flexible, Low-Level Scene Graph Traversal with Explorers
Authors:Radek Ošlejšek, Jiří Sochor
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Citation:OŠLEJŠEK, Radek a Jiří SOCHOR. A Flexible, Low-Level Scene Graph Traversal with Explorers. In Spring Conference on Computer Graphics 2005. Bratislava, Slovakia: Comenius University, 2005. s. 194-201, 8 s. ISBN 80-223-2057-9.Export BibTeX
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title = {A Flexible, Low-Level Scene Graph Traversal with Explorers},
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Original language:English
Field:Computer hardware and software
Type:Article in Proceedings
Keywords:scene graph; design patterns

We introduce a novel design architecture for scene graph based applications. A model is based on GoF design patterns with respect to reusability and maintenance. With integration of patterns into the construction of a scene graph, the scene's description can be easily extended by new features, as new types of scene graph attributes, spatial data structures and geometries. The proposed model supports efficient traversal of a scene graph based on unified interfaces of scene graph nodes. It offers generic yet sufficiently low-level framework usable by a wide range of various rendering strategies.

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