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The ZOO of uvby and Hp light curves of magnetic chemically peculiar stars

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Original title:The ZOO of uvby and Hp light curves of magnetic chemically peculiar stars
Authors:Zdeněk Mikulášek, Juraj Zverko, Jiří Krtička, Jan Janík, Jozef Žižnovský, Miloslav Zejda
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Original language:English
Field:Astronomy and astrophysics
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Type:Article in Proceedings
Keywords:light variability; light curves; chemically peculiar star; origin of the light variation

We present preliminary results of analysis of uvby and Hp variations of 58 mCP stars . A prevailing majority of the uvbyHp LCs can be well represented by a linear combination of a constant term and one or two basic, mutually orthonormal functions, which reduces the number of parameters necessarily needed to describe the set of the LCs. The shape of an individual LC depends on the individual distribution of photometric spots on a star, its amplitude depends on the mechanism of variability. We revealed at least three different sources of the light variability: amplitudes of all the LCs harbor a component monotonously decreasing with increasing wavelengths, the second component reaches a remarkable extremum in the v colour, and is in antiphase relative to the remaining four colours. It occurs particularly at cooler mCP-s having a high degree of the chemical peculiarity. The third component reflects a remarkable diversity of the light curves in the u colour found in a few mCP stars.

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