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Magnetic Chemically Peculiar stars With Unsteady Periods

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Original title:Magnetic Chemically Peculiar stars With Unsteady Periods
Authors:Zdeněk Mikulášek, Jiří Krtička, Jan Janík, Pavel Zvěřina, Juraj Zverko, Jozef Žižnovský, Miloslav Zejda
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Original language:English
Field:Astronomy and astrophysics
Type:Article in Proceedings
Keywords:magnetic stars; CP stars; rotation

Photometrically and spectroscopically variable chemically peculiar (CP) stars are the optimum laboratories for testing the rotational evolution of main sequence stars. A vast majority of well-studied CP stars have quite steady rotational periods (e. g. SrCrEu star CQ UMa). However, there are several CP stars that exhibit apparent period variations. The origin of the period variations is unclear in many cases. We describe the observed period variations of several individual CP stars, especially V901 Ori, sigma Ori E, HR 7355, CU Vir, SX Ari, and EE Dra. The CP stars with unsteady periods now represent a very diverse group with dissimilar O-C diagrams and time scales. We also discuss the causes of the period changes found and a possible cyclicity or chaoticity of them.

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