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Expression and characterization of c-Myb in prenatal odontogenesis

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Original title:Expression and characterization of c-Myb in prenatal odontogenesis
Authors:Eva Matalová, Marcela Buchtová, Abigail S Tucker, Timothy P Bender, Eva Janečková, Vlasta Lungová, Simona Balková, Jan Šmarda
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Citation:MATALOVÁ, Eva, Marcela BUCHTOVÁ, Abigail S TUCKER, Timothy P BENDER, Eva JANEČKOVÁ, Vlasta LUNGOVÁ, Simona BALKOVÁ a Jan ŠMARDA. Expression and characterization of c-Myb in prenatal odontogenesis. Development, Growth and Differentiation, USA: WILEY-BLACKWELL, 2011, roč. 53, č. 6, s. 793-803. ISSN 0012-1592. doi:10.1111/j.1440-169X.2011.01287.x.Export BibTeX
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Original language:English
Field:Genetics and molecular biology
Type:Article in Periodical
Keywords:morphogenesis; mouse; Myb; pig; tooth

The transcription factor c-Myb is involved in the control of cell proliferation, survival and differentiation. As these processes accompany the morphogenesis of developing teeth, this work investigates the possible role of c-Myb during odontogenesis. Analysis of the expression of c-Myb in the monophyodont mouse was followed by similar analysis in a diphyodont species, the pig, which has a dentition more closely resembling that of the human. The distribution of c-Myb was correlated with the pattern of proliferation and apoptosis and the tooth phenotype of c-Myb mutant mice was also assessed. In the mouse, c-Myb expression was detected throughout prenatal development of the first molar tooth. Negative temporospatial correlation was found between c-Myb expression and apoptosis, while c-Myb expression positively correlated with proliferation. c-Myb-positive cells, however, were more abundant than the proliferating cell nuclear antigen positive cells, suggesting other roles of c-Myb in odontogenesis. In the minipig, in contrast to the mouse, there was an asymmetrical arrangement of c-Myb positive cells, with a higher presence on the labial side of the tooth germ and dental lamina. A cluster of negative cells was situated in the mesenchyme close to the tooth bud. At later stages, the number of positive cells decreased and these cells were situated in the upper part of the dental papilla in the areas of future cusp formation. The expression of c-Myb in both species was strong in the odontoblasts and ameloblasts at the stage of dentin and enamel production suggesting a possible novel role of c-Myb during tooth mineralization.

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