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Anisakid nematode larvae from fishes of Petunia Bay (Svalbard)

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Original title:Anisakid nematode larvae from fishes of Petunia Bay (Svalbard)
Authors:Eva Kašparová, Šárka Mašová, Oleg Ditrich, Tomáš Tyml, Michal Tušer, Alena Kodádková, Vlastimil Baruš
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Original language:English
Type:Conference abstract
Keywords:Svalbard; Anisakidae; Nematoda

We monitor the local infection of fish as a intermediate host of anisakid parasitic nematod (superfamily Ascaridoidea) belonging to the genera Anisakis Dujardin, 1845, Pseudoterranova Mozgovoi, in Skrjabin et al., 1951 and Contracaecum Railliet and Henry, 1913. Aim was to examine nematode larvae obtained by a parasitological dissection from the livers and body cavity of sea arctic fishes (Boreogadus saida, Myoxocephalus scorpius, Gymnocanthus tricuspis, Clupea harengus, Mallotus villosus) in Petuniabukta, Billefjorden, Svalbard.

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