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Aquitalea peloides sp. nov., isolated from mineral peloids

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Original title:Aquitalea peloides sp. nov., isolated from mineral peloids
Authors:Ivo Sedláček, Soon-Wo Kwon, Ivana Mašlaňová, Jitka Černohlávková, Pavel Švec
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Original language:English
Field:Microbiology, virology
Type:Conference abstract
Keywords:Aquitalea peloides; sp. nov.; mineral peloids; taxonomy

Mesophilic and psychrophilic microorganisms occupying a variety of ecological niches are widespread in the aquatic environment. Strain P1297T has been isolated in the frame of a long-term project aimed on the psychrotolerant microbiota inhabiting water environment. The strain was initially identified, based on biotyping, as presumptive Aeromonas veronii bv. Sobria. Subsequently, the polyphasic study using genotypic and chemotaxonomic methods demonstrated that the strain P1297T represents a novel species within the genus Aquitalea, for which we propose a name Aquitalea peloides sp. nov.

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