Field of studyTheoretical Physics and Astrophysics

Single-subject study
Type of studyfollow-up master's
Language of instructionCzech
Standard length of studies2,0 years
Accrediteduntil 31. 8. 2020
Field of study code1701T035
Degree programme codeN1701
Offered byFaculty of Science

The goal of this study is to make deeper physical education of the best bachelor students of programme Physics and teach them to use maths and maths-physics methods. The part of this branch are two courses: Astrophysics - teaching in area of physics problems behaving of cosmo objects; and Theoretical Physics - problems of microworld, quant mechanics, quant theory of field and theory of strings. This study field is possible to study only in Czech language.

Entrance Examinations and E-Application

No open admission procedure was found.

Field of study is accredited within these programmes

  • Advanced state examination, advanced state examination
  • Physics (FSci)
  • Follow-up master's, full-time
  • Physics (FSci)
  • Follow-up master's, combined
  • Physics (FSci)