Field of studyGeometry, Topology and Global Analysis

Single-subject study
Type of studydoctoral
Language of instruction
Standard length of studies4,0 years
Accrediteduntil 31. 5. 2020
Field of study code1101V012
Degree programme codeP1102
Offered byFaculty of Science

Brief description of field The doctoral studies program in this field is oriented towards differential geometry, global analysis and algebraic topology. In accordance with the subject of dissertation, the student is individually oriented to work in one of these domains deeply. An important part of the doctoral study is individual research work. Aims of the study The principal aim is to write down the dissertation, that must contain original research results published in professional journals. So the student has to master such knowledge that enables him/her to penetrate deeply into the domain of dissertation and, at the same time, supplies him/her with broad look to differential and algebraic topology.

Entrance Examinations and E-Application

No open admission procedure was found.

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