Field of studyOrganic Chemistry

Single-subject study
Type of studydoctoral
Language of instruction
Standard length of studies4,0 years
Accrediteduntil 31. 5. 2020
Field of study code1402V001
Degree programme codeP1417
Offered byFaculty of Science

The study field Organic Chemistry starting point is general knowledge of matter composition. It is based on knowledge of the organic molecules structure, methods of structural analysis, empirical relations of structure and chemical behaviour, methods of quantum organic chemistry and molecular modelling. The topic of the study field is study of chemical reactivity, study of mechanism of chemical reactions, investigation of chemical kinetics, searching new synthetic methods leading to chosen molecules, stereochemical behaviour, structure elucidation of new chemical entities based on the most modern spectral methods like NMR, IR, UV – VIS spectroscopies, on mass spectra and structure X-ray analysis. For the preparation of pure organic compounds as well as for investigation of reaction mixtures composition modern separation methods as GC, GC/MS, TLC and column chromatography and HPLC with UV - VIS, refractometric or CD detectors are used.

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