Masaryk University Libraries

Masaryk University doesn't have one single central library. Instead, library-information structure consists of  9 central faculty libraries (each provides services to its home faculty), central specialized libraries and also 113 sub-libraries located at 40 different sites spread out over the Brno region and one university center in Telč.

Coordination and technological support for MU libraries is provided by the MU Library and Information Centre.

Masaryk University Libraries Structure

Faculty of Law Central Library

Faculty of Science Central Library

Math, Physics, Anthropology, Earth Sciences

Faculty of Arts Central Library

Faculty of Education Central Library

Faculty of Economics and Administration Scientific Information Centre - Library 

Faculty of Informatics Library

Faculty of Social Studies Central Library

University Campus Library

Collections of the Faculty of Medicine

Collections of the Faculty of Sports Studies

Collections of the Faculty of Science  - Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Environment

Collections of CEITEC (Central European Institute of Technology)

Support Centre for Students with Special Needs - Library and Publishing Section

University centre Telč - Library

More information about MU libraries can be found in Libraries Guide