Loan information

User's Registration and Registration Fee

Registration of internal users (students and MU employees) is free of charge. Registration fee for external users is unified within the whole university. For external users libraries also offer so called registration-free mode; user is not registered and doesn't pay any fee, but is allowed to use material only in study room. User's registration is simplified; after filling in one form in the first visited central faculty library user has access to the services of the whole university libraries' system.

Equal Access to the Library Services

MU Library Regulations specifies 5 categories of internal users (Student, PhD. Student, Teacher, Employee and Specific) and one category of external users (Public). Each of the categories has equal access to library material i.e. library provides equal services for all users (from home faculty or registered in different faculty within MU). Services for each of the specified categories varies - e.g. internal and external users can have different loan terms or differences occur also within two categories of internal users.

Unification of Loan Parameters

According to loan policy MU libraries define unified library items categories:

Present loan  :  only in study-room
Present loan +     : over night/weekend loan; material must be returned up to the next work day 
Short-term loan  : loan on short term, usually one week
Standard loan  : loan on standard term, usually one month
Term loan  : loan of study material on one term
Long-term loan  : documents on loan for "unspecified term"  –  (material purchased from grant projects, from cabinet budget , etc.)


Loan Parameters (loan term, number of documents on loan, overdue fees etc.) are set up in loan matrix, that combines users' categories with documents' categories. This set up is unified within the whole MU.

Loan Terms are as follows:

  Short-term LoanStandard LoanTerm LoanLong-term Loan
Student week month  term ---
PhD. Student   week month term yes
Teacher week month month yes
Employee week month month yes
Specific month  2 months term yes
Public* week month month ---

(*) Only when the particular library provides services for Public users


Each category of users has limited number of loans in particular library (Long-term loans are excluded):

30   Student, PhD. Student
50   Teacher, Employee, Specific
10   Public (when services provided)


Overdue Fees

MU Library Regulation effective since October 1st, 2005 introduces integral table of charges for overdue material valid for all categories of users. Amount is calculated according to category of document on loan and for each library item separately.


Present +   10 Kč per hour
Short-term loan   10 Kč per day
Standard loan     5 Kč per day
Term loan     5 Kč per day

Overdue fees are not calculated for days when library is closed. Long-term loans are excludes from fees.


Masaryk University Loan Services

Implementation of new library information system and unification of library environment within the whole university significantly improved convenience of services to users. That includes:

  • e-mail notice with approaching due date
  • self loan renewal via Aleph web interface
  • on-line reservation of document currently on loan
  • display of current loans and financial operations of particular user
  • possibility of automated notification (e-mail to user, when library gets material of his/her interest)