Masaryk University Library Regulations

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Masaryk University Library Regulations

Directive 14/05


This directive is issued pursuant to para 1 Chapter 10 Act 111/1998 on Higher Education Institutions and modifications of other Acts (the Higher Education Act).


Article 1
Scope of the Directive


The Masaryk University Library Regulations (hereinafter referred to as “MU Regulations”) stipulate the principles and standards of library operation of the Masaryk University (hereinafter referred to as “MU”) pursuant to the Act 257/2001 on libraries and operation terms and conditions for public library and information services (hereinafter referred to as “Library Act”).


Article 2
MU Library System


  1. The MU Library System consists of the central faculty libraries and MU elements’ libraries as listed in Annex 1 (hereinafter referred to as “MU Libraries”). The libraries may be further structured down to library divisions.
  2. The MU Libraries provide library and information services as deemed necessary to meet the information demand of the particular MU offices and departments. The MU Libraries operation comply the MU Libraries operation provisions (hereinafter referred to as “MU Libraries Provisions”) issued by the Deans or directors of the elements pursuant to the MU Regulations.
  3. The MU library system operation coordination is under the responsibility of Library Information Centre of the MU Institute of Computer Science (hereinafter referred to as “KIC”) particularly in codification of document processing including compilation of a comprehensive catalogue, acquisition and utilization of electronic information sources, development and records of library proficiency projects.


Article 3
Library and Information Services


  1. The MU Libraries are public library and information service providers as stipulated in Chapter 4, Library Act. They may provide other services implied by the particular structure element’s nature and mission.
  2. The MU Libraries provide the services to the users in accordance with their classification within a user category. Absence lending services are only available to the registered users. Specific terms and conditions for providing particular service including document classification and lending are set in the MU Libraries Provisions.
  3. Further, the MU Libraries provide unified centralized services, such as automatic e-mail notification mailed to the internal users to notify them to return the books before the closing return due date, optional electronic reservation of documents, or other services specified in the MU Libraries Provisions. The MU Libraries Provisions incorporate the principles of providing the services.


Article 4

  1. The MU Libraries provide services to the following user groups:
    • Internal users
    • External users
    The Internal users involve of the students and staff under employment contract of the MU; the other users are External users.
  2. The Internal users group is divided into the following categories:
    • Bachelor’s / Master’s degree programme students of MU and lifetime education courses students,
    • PhD degree programme students of MU,
    • MU academic staff,
    • MU non-academic staff,
    • Special requirements persons (MU students/staff).
    Special requirements person classification is under the responsibility of the Vice-Rector for Research and Development whose decision shall be made on the recommendation basis given by the Special Requirements Students Support Centre Director. The internal user categories are indifferent to user’s faculty affiliation.
  3. Special services provided to the special requirements category users shall obey the provisions of the Act 121/2000 on copyright and related rights (Copyright Act) in the extent justifiable with medical specifications of the requirements.
  4. The MU Libraries Provisions stipulate unified rules within MU for each of the Internal users' categories.
  5. The legal entities may get access to the MU Library sources via the inter-library service pursuant Chapter 14 of the Library Act.


Article 5
Users Registration


  1. A physical entity becomes a user, pursuant to Article 4 para. 1, as follows:
    • By registration in the MU Libraries records with student’s card or MU staff ID card (Internal users), or
    • By registration in the library system after receiving a library user’s card (External users and Internal users without MU card),
    • Unregistered for presence services only.
  2. Registration is instant, valid for all MU Libraries.
  3. During registration process, user’s personal data are input to the system in the extent necessary for providing the library services. The Internal Users’ data are withdrawn from the MU information system. Personal data processing and usage strictly follow the legal regulations and MU directives in force.
  4. The user shall, at first registration, sign his/her agreement with personal data processing within the MU Library System, with learning the MU Regulations and MU Libraries Provisions and with the obligation of following the documents instructions.
  5. Registration of the students for internal users is in force for the time of their studies, of staff for the time of their employment contract duration. Registration of the External users is valid for the period of 12 months from the registration date. The user rights end, unless registration refreshed, on the date of its expiration. Their liabilities shall be squared by that date.


Article 6
Users Rights and Liabilities


  1. A registered user is entitled for using the library and information services defined in the MU Libraries Provisions accessible for the particular user category.
  2. A user is entitled for rising comments, complaints and suggestions concerning MU Libraries operation to the managers of the libraries, KIC head, or eventually the Vice-Rector for Research and Development in serious cases.
  3. The user is obliged to follow the MU Regulations and the MU Libraries Provisions whose sources and services are used.
  4. Should the user violate the provisions repeatedly and/or seriously he/she may get limited permanently or temporarily in the user rights in the MU Libraries System pursuant para 3. However, this does not limit the liabilities implied by the regulations in force or damages obligation, if applicable.


Article 7


  1. Registration of the Internal users in the MU Libraries is free. The registered External users are obliged to pay the unified registration fee as stipulated in the university price list under Annex 2 (hereinafter referred to as “Price List”).
  2. The MU Libraries provide the public library and information services listed under para 1, Chapter 4, Library Act free of charge, except for situations mentioned under para 2, Chapter 4, Library Act that entitle charging a fee at the amount of actual cost of carrying out the service.
  3. The MU Libraries charge fees for some other provided services at the amount of prices mentioned in the Price List.
  4. The MU Libraries Provisions set fines for delayed return due date.


Article 8
Concluding Provisions


  1. Regular updates of Annex 2 are under the responsibility of the Vice-Rector for Research and Development.
  2. Interpretation of the provisions included in this Directive is under the responsibilities of the Research Department officer.
  3. Enforcement of this Directive belongs to the Vice-Rector of Research responsibilities.
  4. The MU Regulations come to force on October 1, 2005.


In Brno on August 1, 2005

Petr Fiala, Rector


Annex 1
MU Library List

  • Ústřední knihovna Filozofické fakulty MU,
    Arne Nováka 1, 660 88 Brno
  • Knihovna Fakulty informatiky MU,
    Botanická 68a, 602 00 Brno
  • Ústřední knihovna Lékařské fakulty MU,
    Komenského nám 2, 662 43 Brno,
    located at: Tomešova 12, 602 00 Brno
  • Ústřední knihovna Pedagogické fakulty MU,
    Poříčí 9, 603 00 Brno
  • Ústřední knihovna Právnické fakulty MU,
    Veveří 70, 611 80 Brno
  • Ústřední knihovna Přírodovědecké fakulty MU,
    Kotlářská 2, 611 37 Brno
  • Ústřední knihovna Fakulty sociálních studií MU,
    Gorkého 7, 602 00 Brno (od 1. 8. 2005 Joštova 10, 602 00 Brno)
  • Středisko vědeckých informací Ekonomicko-správní fakulty MU,
    Lipová 41a, 602 00 Brno
  • Knihovna Fakulty sportovních studií MU,
    Sladkého 13, 617 00 Brno
  • Knihovna Univerzitního centra Telč MU,
    Náměstí Zachariáše z Hradce 2, 588 56 Telč
  • Knihovní a vydavatelské oddělení Střediska pro podporu studentů se specifickými nároky MU,
    Botanická 68a, 602 00 Brno

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Annex 2

Price List:
Fees in the MU University Libraries System


A) Registration Fees


Internal users  - free of charge
External users  - 200,- Kč/year at 1st registration (the fee includes a reader´s card)
100,- Kč/year at repeated registration
100,- Kč for a new reader´s card


B) Delay Fees


The fees are subject to the document category (for each individual document borrowed). They are the same for all user categories.

Reference-library loan   10 Kč/hour
Short-time loan   10 Kč/day
Standard loan     5 Kč/day
Term loan     5 Kč/day

The borrowed documents are recovered in the legal way; the fees are depending on the costs.

A registered letter of request: 30,- Kč


C) Additional Fees and Services

Faculty libraries and libraries of other departments of the Masaryk University can charge additional fees for special services according to the price list which is a part of the Operational Regulations of the relevant library.


1. Registration fees include the VAT.
2. Fees for the delay are liberated from the VAT.
3. The loan time for the individual categories is established by the Operational Regulations of the MU libraries. The Category
„borrowed in the reference library“ (Presenčně+) designates the documents lent in the Reference Library in which there is
the possibility limited by the closing time of the library is extended to the obligation to bring back the document by the time
established the next workday.