08 April 2015
Science slam IV (Czech only)

“Poprvý nic, podruhý nic,
ale když jsem to zkoušel
po dvacátý sedmý, tak mi
začalo hořet umyvadlo.”
- Lukáš Mikulů, Science slam 3

Science slam - nová forma prezentace vědy....


01 May 2015
Invitation to tender for a research institute establishment

The Dean of the Masaryk University Faculty of Economics and Administration invites applications to tender for a research institute/research institutes establishment at the Masaryk University...


19 November 2015
University wine festival 2015/2016

The Univesity wine festival will take place at the Augustinian Abbey in Brno on Thursday, November 19th, 5 pm.
For invited only.