About us

The Accommodation and Catering Services is a special-purpose institution with public activities. ACS offers accommodation and catering services to MU students. On the basis of the agreement with rectors of other particular universities, ACS is allowed to offer these services to the students of those institutions as well. Also, ACS arranges catering services for MU personnel. If the capacity of the relevant institutions allows, ACS is allowed to offer the appointed services on the basis of an agreement also for other legal and physical entities. This can be done with the approval of the rector, with the purpose of satisfying the needs of MU and after the accomplishment of obligations towards MU students and other universities as well as MU personnel.

ACS also arranges accommodation and catering services during important social events of MU. The manager is the head of ACS. The means of allocation of a place in the halls of residence in the academic year 2005/2006 followed the criteria which were valid in the previous year. That is, the only change was setting aside the capacity of 1 500 beds for students enrolled in the Bachelor’s, long-cycle Master’s and Master’s degree programmes at MU for the first time. Traditional criteria stayed the same for the students of higher grades: travel distance, social and health aspects, and study results.

In order to improve the quality of catering services in compliance with valid hygienic directives, the counters in all catering premises were further equipped in 2005. Great emphasis in all catering premises was put on the rules of health nutrition. Menus were arranged in compliance with this objective.

Accommodation and Catering Services in Numbers

  • On 31st December 2005, 7,897 registrations for accommodation were recorded. The total number of accommodated students was 3,955.
  • Accommodation and Catering Services offer catering services to students and personnel in 3 canteens and 6 buffets.
  • We employ 245 personnel and 52 externs.