Student ID cards at MU

These cards are one of the students’ identification documents. Section 57 Subsection 1 Letter a) of the Higher Education Act provides the obligation to issue students with an ID card.  

On-site study mode students are given an ISIC international identification card (International Student Identity Card).

Students in the combined study mode do not receive an ISIC card, but instead are given their ID on a chip card, which serves the same purpose as an ISIC card within MU.

Issuing of Cards

The cards are issued only to students who have already enrolled in their studies. Students will also need a photograph of themselves in order to receive the card. Photographs are taken at the Institute of Computer Science. Current information regarding photographs can be found at:

The study departments of individual faculties issue the ID cards to students on the basis of orders which are made through the Shopping Centre in the Information system of MU.

Personal administration IS › Shopping Centre MU › Faculty › ID cards and ISIC stickers (only in Czech – Průkaz studenta a přelepka ISIC)

Students pay towards having their ID card issued. The cost of an ISIC card is 150 CZK for the first issue and the cost of the chip card for students in the combined mode is 120 CZK.

Should a student’s card be lost, stolen or damaged, s/he should contact the appropriate person in the study department. If the card has been stolen or lost, it is recommended to have the card blocked at the study department to prevent potential misuse.

Should the student wish to continue studying at MU after finishing their degree, they should keep their ISIC card. In such cases the card may be reactivated and reused in their new study programme.

Use of the ID card within MU

The student’s ID card serves within MU for:

  • identification of the student and verification of belonging to MU
  • entry into buildings and classrooms
  • entry into university computer rooms
  • entry into libraries
  • photocopying and printing
  • eating in the university canteens

For the above mentioned purposes, the ID card works for the whole of the study period.

In order to use the card for eating in the canteens and photocopying and printing, the student needs to put money onto it. Students may put money for eating onto the card in any canteen.

In order to be able to use the card for photocopying and printing it is necessary to create a so-called SUPO account. SUPO stands for System of Payment of Amounts Owed by Individuals (Systém úhrad pohledávek za osobami). It serves as a method of payment for various services which are offered by MU. The account may be activated through INET MU, the internal university system.

Since 1.12.2011 it has been possible to transfer money between the SUPO account and the account for meals.

Use of the ID card outside MU - discounts with ISIC

The ISIC card can be used outside of the university on various student discounts. The discounts on offer can be seen at: link to a new window only). However, for the card to be valid, the student needs to have an up-to-date revalidation sticker (this does not apply to new cards in the first year of being issued). This sticker extends the validity of the card for use outside of MU. The sticker is valid for 16 months, from 1.9 to 31.12 of the following year. The stickers can be ordered through the MU Information System and cost 150 CZK.

Besides the wide range of use for the ISIC card within the university, the ISIC card holder can also benefit from discounts for restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, shops, chemists, opticians, museums, galleries, Student Agency transport, driving lessons, bookshops, copy centres, etc.

It is also possible make use of the ISIC card abroad, as it is accepted in over 100 countries in the world.


What the card looks like in its current form:

ISIC card - new versionISIC card - new version

What the card looked like in its older form:

ISIC karta - staršíISIC - old version     ISIC karta - nováISIC - new version

Chip ID card

What the card looks like in its current form:

Student card - new versionStudent card - new version     

What the card looked like in its older form:

Student Card - old versionStudent Card - old version      Student Card - new versionStudent Card - new version