Field of studyZoology

Single-subject study
Type of studydoctoral
Language of instruction
Standard length of studies4,0 years
Accrediteduntil 31. 5. 2020
Field of study code1502V003
Degree programme codeP1527
Offered byFaculty of Science

Within the Ph.D. Zoology Study Field individuals, populations, species and higher taxa as well as ecological groups of animals are studied, including their functions in natural communities and ecosystems. Unicellular „animals“ (former protozoans) can figure among zoological objects of interest. Various methods are used to study animals, such as morphological, morphometric and caryological, of particular importance are methods of molecular biology applied, e.g., to taxonomy. In contrast with human and veterinary medicine and social sciences, zoology has considered all animal species equivalent as objects of study. In contrast with palaeozoology, living species figure as a matter of zoological interest but zoology is also dealing with natural relations among species and higher taxa and with phylogenetical taxonomy of animals. According to the fields of study, zoology can be divided into taxonomy, anatomy, ecology, ethology (behaviour), etc., according to the objects of study into protozoology, entomology, malacozoology, ichthyology, herpetology, ornithology, mammalogy etc. Excluded from Zoology as part of the Ph.D. Biology Programme at this faculty are studies of animal parasites, water invertebrates and animal physiology having their own study fields (Parasitology, Hydrobiology, Animal Physiology). Whether or not are studies in animal ecology included, depends on agreement with the Ecology study field. The candidates must have accomplished a magister study in biology (diploma). Previous active involvement in zoology (zoological thesis) is welcome but not a prerequisite to apply.

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