'11+1': exhibition opening
Guests: Simona Koryčánková, Petr Ťoupalík, Natalia Antalová

17.11.2021 18:15 Foyer 30 min. Free admission

On November 12, 2020, eleven students and one teacher were arrested in Minsk, Belarus, while taking part in a peaceful demonstration. This group was chosen by the regime of Alexander Lukashenko to become a cautionary example to all members of the academic community who would also show their desire to intervene in the future of the country. After six months of detention, in July 2021, they were sentenced to at least two years in prison in penal camps where conditions are worse than in ordinary prisons.

In response to this event, the 11 + 1 project was initiated by the students of Charles University, based on the idea of connecting the faces and names of specific free students and academics from democratic countries with the specific faces and names of these twelve political prisoners from Belarus.

In the pursuit of a better future for Belarusians, the project has the ambition to connect active students in the Central European space who are not content with a mere manifestation of solidarity but have the will to use their forces for effective help. In most of the cities involved, Belarusian students living and studying in the cities are also involved in this network.

At Masaryk University, student representatives from all faculties and a teacher who is also a member of the university administration have put their faces and names to the project.

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