Registering a Car

If you have a car you must have insurance, regular technical inspections and emission tests and also mandatory equipment on board, which you are required to have in your vehicle at all times.

The law says that anyone operating a vehicle for a period of more than 185 days in the Czech Republic must have the vehicle registered here. If you do not register your car, you will have problems in the event of a car accident or when dealing with your insurance company to cover damage or repairs.

  • Registering a car from a non-EU country:

If you bring your own car from your home country you must be registered here. To do that you need to have a long-term residence or a temporary residence permit (EU citizens) with an assigned birth date number. The registration can be processed at the nearest municipal office to your current address. The office in Brno is Department of Motor Vehicles,  Kounicova 67.

  • Registering a car from a EU country:

If you have a car registered in another EU country and you transported it to the Czech Republic:

  1. You need to take your car to the technical inspection department (State Technical Control – STK) to get a written report. You will be given a certificate of roadworthiness ie. a red sticker for the technical inspection and a green sticker for the emissions.
  2. You have to purchase liability insurance.
  3. COC list – get a certificate of conformity or original registration document.
  4. You will also need an invoice or proof of purchase.
  5. You have to fill out a car registration form “Zadost o prihlaseni vozidla” (which can be downloaded here


If you have a car registered outside the EU and you brought it to the Czech Republic, you will need the same documents as for the cars registered in the EU plus an additional customs declaration.

When you have all the documents ready you can go to the municipal office and you will be given the Czech technical certificate. Once you have it, your car can be officially registered.

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