Mission, Values and Vision

Our mission

The mission of Masaryk University is to contribute through its scientific activities, student education and social activities to the high quality and healthy life of all generations, and to a free, cohesive and secure society.

Our values

Since its founding, Masaryk University has always respected and professed the democratic values of a Free Republic. To this day these values have formed the basis of its internal culture and are widely shared by the university’s academic community.

These values are:

  • Respect, as the basis of internal culture, solidarity and partnership in all negotiations. Respect for the principles establishing equal opportunities and transparency, as well as respect for the principles of academic ethics.
  • Freedom, respected and defended as a social imperative. Also, freedom as a principle of internal organisation of the university in the form of academic freedom of teaching and research or freedom of choice of students’ own curriculum profile, but also as a principle of institutional autonomy of the university vis-à-vis the state.
  • Responsibility, emphasising the role of the university as a co-creator of public opinion, a solver of local and society-wide issues and a provider of a public service open to all. Also, the individual responsibility of students and staff reflected in respect for university rules and belonging to the university.

Our vision

In 2028, Masaryk University will be:

  • An internationally-recognised research university and an excellent Czech higher education institution, setting trends in fulfilling all the roles of a university
  • A university where education and science transcend the boundaries of individual disciplines, as it supports interdisciplinarity and the personalisation of studies, the creation of interdisciplinary research teams and synergies between workplaces
  • A university where teaching, research and social activities are an integral part of the professional portfolios of academic staff
  • A university that is demanding in its study requirements, whose graduates are successful personalities, with promising careers and an active approach to life, where they have diligently taken up the opportunities for development offered
  • A university that is an inspiring community which, in its principles and daily activities, fully respects and fulfils the principles of social responsibility and contributes to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals, in accordance with which it leads its students and employees
  • A university where students are perceived as respected colleagues, with established processes and practices for cooperation with staff in solving important issues of the direction and functioning of individual agendas and the institution as a whole
  • A university that is a responsible and demanding employer, acting according to the principles of transparency, equality and non-discrimination, supporting the achievement of professional goals and at the same time providing employees with a work-life balance
  • A university that is a model in its internal culture, in its ability to reach consensus, in the harmonisation of its components to the benefit of the university as a whole and in the integrity of a work and study environment characterised by high ethical and professional standards

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