Regulations on competitive selection procedures for filling academic and other positions at MU (effective before 5 Jan 2018)

NOTE: These Regulations are applicable only for selection procedures announced before 5 January 2018, when the actual Regulations on Competitive Selection Procedures at Masaryk University entered into force.


(effective as of 1 Jan 1999)

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Section 1
General Provisions

(1) In accordance with sections 17 and 77 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on Higher Education Institutions (Higher Education Act), (hereinafter referred to as "Act"), I hereby issue the Regulations on Competitive Selection Procedures for Filling Academic and Other Positions at Masaryk University (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations").

(2) These Regulations are applicable to:

a) professors, associate professors, assistant professors, instructors and lecturers

b) scientific, research and development workers participating in pedagogical activities.

(3) For the purposes of these Regulations, a competitive selection procedure constitutes a procedure which focuses on the selection of job applicants for a particular position according to a set of predefined conditions.

Section 2
Competitive Selection Procedure Announcement Initiator

(1) A competitive selection procedure is announced by the Rector or faculty dean (hereinafter referred to as "announcement initiator"). A competitive selection procedures for the position of clinic head at the Faculty of Medicine is co-initiated by the director of a given university hospital.

(2) The announcement of a competitive selection procedure must be published on the official notice board of Masaryk University in Brno (hereinafter referred to as "MU"), the notice board of a given faculty or an additional unit and in mass media with national coverage.

(3) The text of a competitive selection procedure must list the conditions an applicant must meet in order for his or her application to be accepted.

(4) The deadline for application submission is to be set at no less than 30 days from the initial announcement in mass media with national coverage. Several successive application submission deadlines may be set by the announcement initiator.

Section 3
Competitive Selection Procedure Committee

(1) A competitive selection procedure committee and its chairperson must be appointed by the announcement initiator by the application submission deadline. The announcement initiator may be a committee member or chairperson. The announcement initiator may appoint a permanent competitive selection procedure committee with new members appointed as needed in accordance with section 3, subsection 2.

(2) The committee must consist of no less than five members; the number of committee members must be odd. The committee may include MU academic workers as well as experts from outside the university. The announcement initiator is required to ensure that committee members are qualified and morally impeccable. The committee does not lose its ability to form a quorum in case an absence renders the number of members present even. The committee forms a quorum if at least three of its members are present, including the chairperson. At least one half of the committee's members must be present.

Section 4
Competitive Selection Procedure Preparation

(1) A list of all registered applicants shall be published on the MU or faculty notice board or on the notice board of an additional unit for a period of ten days. Individuals and legal persons may use this period to submit opinion statements relevant to the registered applicants.

(2) Submitted opinion statements shall be used by the committee during an overall assessment of the individual applicants.

Section 5
Competitive Selection Procedure

(1) The competitive selection procedure itself should be launched within one month of the application submission deadline and completed within six weeks of that same deadline.

(2) If so required by the complexity of the process, the competitive selection procedure may be carried out in several rounds.

(3) The committee chairperson has the right to exclude applications which clearly fail to meet the competitive selection procedure requirements. The remaining committee members are informed of their exclusion after the fact. Problematic applications shall be evaluated by the entire committee.

(4) The committee chairperson may decide whether or not to include the applicant in the committee session.

(5) Decisions involving applicants who meet all competitive selection procedure conditions are based on submitted written materials and on an optional interview with the applicant. In the event of a competitive selection procedure held to fill the position of a professor or associate professor, applicants are required to hold a public lecture. All MU employees are required to provide a competitive selection procedure committee with assistance if called on to do so.

(6) The success and order of applicants is determined by a public vote, the outcome of which is recorded in the minutes.

(7) Applicants are first divided into two groups by the committee: those who successfully passed the competitive selection procedure and those who failed. The order of applicants is also determined by a vote, with the most suitable applicant ranked in first place.

(8) A simple majority is needed in order for the committee to accept a decision regarding each applicant. The chairperson is counted as a committee member. In case no applicant succeeds in obtaining a simple majority of the votes, a second round is held with the committee deciding between two applicants who obtained the most votes in the first round. In case both applicants obtain one half of the votes, a decision is made by the chairperson.

(9) The committee may decide that none of the applicants are suitable for the position in question.

(10) The committee session is recorded as minutes and signed by all committee members. The minutes are confidential and all committee members are bound to secrecy.

(11) The announcement initiator concludes the competitive selection procedure by issuing a notification of acceptance or rejection concerning the position in question. The order indicated by the committee is not binding with respect to the conclusion of an employment relationship. In case no applicant is deemed suitable, the announcement initiator may either decide to repeat the competitive selection procedure or seek an alternative solution.

(12) The announcement initiator shall inform all applicants of the competitive selection procedure outcome within ten days of its conclusion. The results shall be simultaneously published on the official notice board with the vote count omitted.

(13) For a period of one year following the completion of a competitive selection procedure, successful applicants may be accepted by the announcement initiator into employment relationships without the need for a repeated selection procedure.

Section 6
Concluding Provisions

(1) The administrative agenda associated with a competitive selection procedure is ensured by personnel offices in cooperation with the relevant constituent parts of the university.

(2) These Regulations shall be used in order to suitably fill the following positions:

a) bursar and faculty bursars

b) directors of special-purpose units

c) heads of university-wide units

d) heads of offices at the Rector’s Office and at individual faculties

(3) These Regulations have been duly approved in accordance with section 9, subsection 1, letter b) of the Act by the MU Academic Senate on 14 December 1998.

(4) These Regulations enter into force in accordance with section 36, subsection 4 of the Act on the day of registration with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.

(5) These Regulations enter into force on the day of registration in accordance with subsection 4.

Prof. RNDr. Jiří Zlatuška, CSc., v. r.

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