Learning Potential Test

LPT dates

The learning potential test will be held on 6 and 7 May 2017 (Saturday through Sunday). In their electronic applications (submission: 1 November – 28 February), applicants may indicate a preferred date. Applicants applying for multiple fields (or faculties) at MU need take only one test in a given year, as the result is valid for all applications for which the LPT is required.

LPT description (form and content of the test)

The Learning Potential Test is designed to ascertain the applicant’s potential for successful studies at Masaryk University. It consists of 60 questions grouped in 6 subtests - 50 items in Czech and 10 items in English The LPT is a test of verbal, numerical and analytical skills, critical thinking, spatial imagination and cultural awareness.. All items in the LPT are multiple-choice, with only one of five possible answers being correct. The correct answers are assessed by one point, the wrong answers by -0.25 point. Missing answer means 0 points. The LPT lasts 100 minutes. The items in foreign language (part of the Critical Thinking subtest) are administered in English, German, Spanish, or French. The applicants will indicate their preferred language in the electronic applications.

LPT evaluation method

The LPT is assessed solely on the basis of the answer form, which is scanned by computer and processed electronically. The answer form is identified through the assigned identification number (application number). The key indicator of success in the LPT is the “percentile”, calculated according to the number of points obtained in the LPT and the LPT version taken by the applicant. Thus the percentile scores range from a maximum of 100 to a minimum of zero. The percentile score of any particular individual indicates the percentage of applicants whose performance was the same or worse as his/hers.

Recommended reading for the LPT

No special reading is recommended as preparation for the LPT, though applicants are free to consult earlier versions of the LPT. The complete tests of all versions of the LPT from the previous year, with correct answers and the basic statistical data, are available at Bachelor's/Long-cycle Master's degree admission procedure results (Czech only) .

Choice of session for the LTP

Applicants have the opportunity to choose their preferred LTP session when submitting their application; their wishes will be met insofar as this is technically feasible.

Electronic application: http://is.muni.cz/application/?lang=en

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