Medical Biology

‘Thou, nature, art my goddess; to thy laws my services are bound...’ (King Lear by Shakespeare)

General information

The aim of the Medical Biology doctoral degree programme is to train top experts in specialized scientific disciplines studied at the Department of Biology, Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University. At the same time, the programme provides graduates with such an extensive knowledge of methodological knowledge that their careers are not limited only to the field in which they write their PhD thesis. Graduates are ready for scientific careers in academic institutions as well as in companies with scientific background and in healthcare facilities and they can also work as specialist lecturers.

Graduates who opt for a research career are actively encouraged and required to obtain a long-term experience at international institutions as postdoctorate researchers. Graduates of the PhD programme are well versed in methodology: they are able to use complex modern methods; formulate essential research questions; plan, develop, and implement complex experiments; interpret and defend their results in both speech and writing and put them in the wider context of the discipline as a whole. They are also motivated and ready to apply new research findings in practice.

At present, the board for doctoral studies in Medical Biology and the Department of Biology focuses on doctoral dissertation topics related to the structure of the department. Since 2016 the department has been structured according to performance and quality into 4 categories of individual laboratories with their own research programmes: low-cost (Yuh-Man Wadeley), junior (Vladimir Rotrekl, Stjepan Uldrijan), senior (David Smajs, Pavel Krejčí), and excellent (Lumír Krejčí).

The individual labs cover and train doctoral students in the following research topics:

  • DNA recombination and repair (Lumír Krejčí)
  • Cell signalling (Pavel Krejčí)
  • Bacterial genetics and genomics (David Smajs)
  • Biology of pluripotent stem cells (Vladimír Rotrekl)
  • Cancer biology (Stjepan Uldrijan)
  • Neurodifferentiation of stem cells (Yuh-Man Wadeley)

Individual laboratories provide the parts of PhD students training that are related to their research projects. The laboratories share their experimental methods and technologies, staff meetings, specialized seminars, annual PhD conferences, and mutual PhD mentorship. Students are motivated by the high quality of the research and by an environment that is both competitive and cooperative. The performance of individual students is recognized both financially and also in the form of participation in prestigious conferences abroad.

A successful graduate is able to

  • Has a perfect grasp of current knowledge in his/her specific field.
  • Is well informed in related fields and able to change his/her focus quite rapidly.
  • Is well versed in a wide range of theoretical and methodological principles of research.
  • Has methodological knowledge that allows him/her to immediately accept a position of scientific postdoctoral researcher in a top laboratory abroad without any need for further methodological training.
  • Is very well instructed about the ethics of scientific work and specific ethical issues of his/her specialization.
  • Is able to guide and tutor students.
  • Is able to independently design and perform research at all stages.
  • Can interpret research findings and present them by speaking at international conferences or submitting papers to international scholarly journals.
  • Is able to draft a competitive grant application.

Graduate employment

Graduates of the Medical Biology programme mostly work in academic institution in the Czech Republic and abroad (research institutes, universities). After several years, most of them occupy important positions as heads of research teams or programmes, heads of shared laboratories (‘core facilities’), etc. Some graduates also find jobs as lecturers at universities and in companies. Only a very small number of graduates transition to other fields.

Faculty Faculty of Medicine
Type of study doctoral
Mode full-time
Standard length of studies 4 years
Language of instruction czech

Admission Requirements

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