Criminal Law

No punishment without a guilt.

What will you learn?

Doctoral study programme is focused on scientific research and individual creative activity in the field of criminal law (substantive as well as procedural) and in related non-legal scientific disciplines (mainly criminology and criminalistics). In connection with criminal substantive and procedural law certain constitutional, international and European law aspects also do not stay aside. During the study, emphasis is put on theoretical side of aforesaid fields and disciplines in combination with their impact on elementary areas of criminal law practice. Furthermore, object and part of the study is acquirement of basics of scientific work and its application in publication activities. The program is intended mainly for those who would like to pursue academic career and scientific work and at the same time for those, who would like to gain deeper theoretical knowledge in the field of criminal law and to use it in criminal law practice.

Practical training

Practical training is not a part of the study.

Career opportunities

Graduate of the doctoral study programme shall be prepared for specialized scientific work in the academic sphere, in the field of research or in criminal legislation, but also when exercising criminal justice, in the sphere of public prosecution and in other areas focused on criminal law and related non-legal scientific fields in which deep theoretical basics and their reflection into the application practise through interpretation and application of legal norms is necessary.

Admission requirements

Data from the previous admission procedure (1 Feb – 31 May 2020)

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Application guide

Study information

Provided by Faculty of Law
Type of studies Doctoral
Mode full-time Yes
combined Yes
Study options single-subject studies Yes
single-subject studies with specialization No
major/minor studies No
Standard length of studies 4 years
Language of instruction Czech
Doctoral board and doctoral committees

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