Constitutional Law and Theory of State

What will you learn?

The study of the discipline is intended for applicants interested in deepening their knowledge of Constitutional Law and the related field of Theory of State. Constitutional Law makes the student familiar with the place of Constitutional Law in the legal system (term, subject, sources), with theory of constitution and values on which is based, with constitutional bases of state form (territory of organization, state regime, state authority), legal order and legal system (law formation, legal regulations, publication of legal regulations, relation of Constitutional, International and Transnational law, constitutional bases of law interpretation), with law regulation of state authority and its organization (division of powers, particular constitutional bodies, their position, rules, elections), with bases of relation of state and an individual (citizenship, human rights and freedoms, their protection, constitutional bases of position of foreigners). Mastering the Constitutional Law of the Czech Republic assumes the detailed knowledge of theory of state and political science as general basis. The common denominator of the doctoral study in the discipline of Constitutional Law is learning the methods of scientific work, as well as critical legal thinking during the analysis of practical problems of Constitutional Law with regard to legislation and judicature of the Czech Republic and in other countries.

Practical training

Practical training is not a part of the course of study.

Career opportunities

Graduates of the program can work primarily as academic or scientific staff (post-docs) at universities – not only in the Czech Republic, but also in comparable positions abroad.

The program also provides its graduates with competencies usable outside the academic sphere in positions requiring insight into constitutional law issues with a comparative overlap (analytical departments of courts, governmental and other public authorities, international law offices, EU institutions and the Council of Europe).

Admission requirements

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Application guide

Study information

Provided by Faculty of Law
Type of studies Doctoral
Mode full-time Yes
combined Yes
Study options single-subject studies Yes
single-subject studies with specialization No
major/minor studies No
Standard length of studies 4 years
Language of instruction Czech
Doctoral board and doctoral committees

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