Doctoral studies at MU

Your doctoral studies at MU are in your hands. You can join a research team or engage in research independently. In either case, you will be focusing on the topic of your choice – under the auspices of your supervisor.

Launch your science career

Take part in research projects

Choose one of 844 projects taking place at MU right now. Would you like to take part in research into the structure and dynamics of biomolecules using X-ray techniques or perhaps participate in multidisciplinary polar research at our Antarctic station? What about launching your own research project?

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You will continue to grow

Doctoral students have the opportunity to participate in the development activities offered to all PhD students across the university. You can constantly educate yourself and improve your skills and abilities for research, development and teaching.

We offer lectures and in-depth workshops aimed at acquiring the knowledge needed for scientific work (FRESHERS: Skills for Research Career), a Summer School for PhD students focused on the development of pedagogical competences, or MUNI Seminar Series lectures by renowned world scientists including Nobel or Turing Prize laureates.

Work in state-of-the-art laboratories

We will provide you with the necessary facilities as well as essential research equipment. Would you like to work in university laboratories – e.g. in some of the new facilities at the recently renovated Faculty of Informatics? Or perhaps in CEITEC, alongside 557 experts from a wide range of fields?

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Win scholarships and grants

Projects recognized at the Brno Ph.D. Talent competition are supported by scholarships awarded by the City of Brno.

In order to win financial support, you can also enter your research project into a contest announced by the MU Grant Agency. In addition, the university receives prestigious international grants, e.g. in support of research into the molecular basis of ovarian cancer, which doctoral students are welcome to participate in.

Take advantage of the MU's resources

MU offers a range of professional resources designed to boost your publication activity. Nine faculty libraries are supplemented by specialized university-wide collections and 113 departmental libraries. Current papers as well as e-books may be found in research databases available through the MU electronic information resources portal.

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Promote your work in the real world

Great research does not have to stop with a Ph.D. next to your name. It may in fact shed light on various current issues and long-standing problems. Perhaps you will influence approaches to Parkinson's disease diagnosis, help develop an antitumour vaccine or pave the way to new leukaemia treatment.

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Present your project at conferences around the world

Gather inspiration from scientists in your field. Connect with experts through the CEITEC-organized Life Science PI Seminars which attract research group leaders and grant investigators. Doctoral students are naturally welcome.

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