Green City

Blended Spring/Summer 2022


25 February — 23 July

In person: 17-23 July


subject to home university approval

300+ EUR EDUC Scholarship

Costs for accommodation, travel, and food covered by EDUC scholarship, full scholarship determined by home university


Please ask your home university

About the programme

This blended course provides students three very different fields of study such as transport, waste management and health on the common intersection in the light of applied potential in the policy-making process. This course is designed in partnership with the Brno City Municipality. Students will learn fundamental information to be able to provide the Brno City Municipality with working papers which will be used in policy making decision of the future of City planning.

The course will cover the following topics

  • Circular Economy and Air Pollution (the role of waste management in air quality) / Michal Struk
  • Air pollution and public health / Dominika Tóthová
  • Air pollution and public health / Ondřej Mikeš
  • Mobility and air pollution (the role of carsharing and carpooling in Brno and its impact on air pollutant concentrations in the city) / Vilem Paril
  • Alternative Economic model for companies and public organisations / Beatrice Bellini


Academic Overview

This blended course will take place during the Masaryk University spring semester over the course of 7 Fridays, 3 of which will be full days and the other 4 for 1-2 hours. Students can see the schedule in the next tab.

The course will culminate with one week in person in Brno, Czech Republic. During this time students will have an opportunity to see what they learned in action, including trips to waste management systems, interviews with policy makers of green roofs, and a visit to a 'green village': Hostětín. Outside the academic course, cultural programming will be arranged to make the most of the one week in Brno.

This course will deliver 5 working papers to the Brno City Municipality on the following topics. Student will be expected to work on the presentations throughout the online segment of the course. During the 1-week mobility students will visit relevant facilities and have the chance to finalize projects

  1. Strategy of circular economy for BMO – metropolitan center (as part of Integrated strategy of the Brno metropolitan area (BMO))
  2. Strategy of circular economy for BMO – metropolitan hinterland
  3. Strategy on sharing economy for BMO – metropolitan centre
  4. Strategy on sharing economy for BMO – metropolitan hinterland
  5. Action plan on improving air quality in BMO – metropolitan centre

Online Class Schedule: please note consolation times will be arranged by groups individually 

In Person Schedule

What is included in the scholarship?

This course is part of the EDUC alliance, which means that partner university students will receive a scholarship to cover food, accommodation and travel costs. Students should reach out to their home university for more information. 

This funding only applies Partner University students travelling - MU students will not receive funding for food/accommodation please contact Erin Anna Smith,, for more details.

University contacts:

Life in Brno

Brno is a great place to live, even if just for a short period of time. As a student city (1/5 of the population are students) and an international city there is always something to do, and the Czech language isn’t a barrier. This means that exploring cafes, teahouses, restaurants and the local sites is easy, even without our amazing assistants. However, because we want you to get the most out of your experience, we have a team of local Czech students to show you their favorite things in Brno!

Best Cafes for coffee and tea
Best Restaurants
Favorite Places in Brno to relax


The team of professional and local students provides the 24/7 assistance from the practical and safety arrangements to creating a rich cultural program helping the participants to understand better culture of Moravia and the Czech Republic. Moreover the staff is trying to assist with creating social activities that aims at enhancing the mutual cultural exchange and understanding.


Students in this program are housed in one of our Residence Halls where both international and Czech students live during the school year. This is a great opportunity to see how student housing is different all around the world (or is similar, depending on what country you are from!). In Brno, students share a room with one other student, while on trips, students are three per room.  

Bedding is provided; however, students should bring their own towels. Students will have an opportunity to cook their own meals, some cooking supplies will be provided, as supplies last.  

Students will use the scholarship to pay for accommodation, however all EDUC students are expected to stay together in the dormitory.

How to apply

Students should apply at their home university. Each university has space for 5 students.

The course is open to all students, but is particularly suited for students in late bachelors/masters studying economics, civil engineering, environmental studies/sciences and who have experience in data analysis, qualitative methods and text analysis.

Students should apply at their home university using one of the application links below.

University applications:

Student experience

It was one of the most insightful, enjoyable, and eye opening experiences of my life. The staff are all wonderful people, they truly care about making your experience meaningful, and Brno is an incredible city to call home for a little while.


USA, Edgewood College

Life in Brno...

The 'beach' in the city centre where students can sit with friends.
Make friends of a lifetime.
Experience Czech culture.
One of the fabulous cafes where students grab a bite to eat before class!


Erin Anna Smith

summer school manager


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