Social Work

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The Bachelor's Degree in Social Work is focused on recognizing and mastering contemporary methods of helping people (individuals, families, communities), who cannot on their own solve difficulties in relationships with other people or organizations, e.g. with governmental offices or service providers, etc. The graduate will be able to use social work methods in assisting people for whom it is difficult to maintain contact with their environment (e.g. people with addiction on computers), people for who is difficult to participate fully in society (e.g. people with disabilities), people who are considered a threat by society at large (e.g. inhabitants of marginalized localities), people who are threatened by others (e.g. seniors neglected by their relatives), people who are not insufficiently supported in society (e.g. those who are unable to cope with caring for their relatives) and the like. The study program has the following aims: familiarization and mastery of the methods of assistance in of social work as well as its traditions and its philosophical backgrounds, as well as the organizational and legal framework, in which social workers perform their duties. It is important to give the students the knowledge and the skills to enable them to recognize and discuss the ethical questions related to assisting people with difficulties in relationships with other people or organizations.

A successful graduate is able to

  • Assess the living situation of clients (individuals, groups, communities) from the perspective of their difficulties in interacting with their social environment;
  • Design and implement assistance intervention tailored to their living situation based on expert assessment;
  • Mediate interaction (understanding, contact, communication, negotiation) between client and providers of assistance or social services;
  • Get involved in the preparation and implementation of social service programs focused on the specific difficulties of particular target groups;
  • Reflect on the ethical problems and dilemmas that accompany the preparation and implementation of aid interventions;
  • Conduct research autonomously and to use the basic principles of research in the assessment of the living situation of a client;
  • Acquaint herself or himself with the theoretical bases of relevant methods of assistance in social work;
  • Understand key social science terms needed for the performance of a social worker's duties (especially social policy, ethics, sociology, psychology, law) and to be able to apply them in an assessment of the living situation of particular client,
  • Characterize identity in the field of social work and to discuss it on the basis of developed argumentation.

Graduate employment

Graduates may apply as independent social workers in organizations providing social work assistance, social security or social services, including employment services. They might apply to be developers and practitioners for social service programs, especially on the regional or local level. Graduates may also apply for roles as social workers, creator or participant of programs of assistance or social services in the governmental or non-governmental sector, possibly even in an international context.

Faculty Faculty of Social Studies
Type of study bachelor's
Mode full-time
Standard length of studies 3 years
Language of instruction czech

Field of study combinations

Field combinations with Social Work

Combinations with fields of Faculty of Social Studies

Environmental Studies
European Studies
Gender Studies
Media Studies and Journalism
Public Policy and Human Resources
Social Anthropology

Combinations with fields of other faculties

Faculty of Arts
English Language and Literature
German Language and Literature
Study of Religions
Faculty of Education
Social Education

Admission Requirements

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Recommended literature

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Evaluation criteria

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Frequently enrolled courses

Recommended study plans and other information can be found in the faculty study catalouge.

Additional information

Specific conditions regarding completion of the study of social work may change. This may depend for example of applicant demand, the development of cooperative efforts with partners at foreign universities or on other developments regarding student internships due to the wide spectrum of organizations with whom we cooperate. Additional specifications of study conditions for social work can be found on the department's website at

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