Media Studies and Journalism

General information

Media Studies and Journalism is designed as a field of study to be combined in a double-major track with other accredited social science and humanities programs at Masaryk University.

The study program provides students with knowledge of the history, theory, and practice of mass media, media communication, and the media market. Students can choose to specialize for future careers in news reporting or opinion journalism in all basic types of media. This field also allows students to specialize not only in journalism, but also to a certain extent in media studies, specifically as researchers and experts in mass communication. This part of the curriculum is further developed during the Master's degree program.

The programme aims to educate experts who will be able to:

(1) Actively engage in mass communication.

(2) Make qualified and critical judgements about media communication, its products and historical, social, economic, political, legal, ethical, and psychological contexts and aspects.

(3) Use current digital technologies, equipment, and information as well as editing systems and software designed for media communication.

Graduates are able to start their careers with a basic sum of knowledge and skills needed primarily in journalism but also in other communication-related positions.

A successful graduate is able to

  • actively engage in media communication and make educated and critical judgements about it;
  • understand past and present socio-cultural reality and apply this knowledge to his/her job, being able to view reality in an unbiased and objective way;
  • understand basic theoretical terms and concepts of media studies as well as of journalistic professional, and legal ethics and standards and actively apply these in his or her profession;
  • critically analyze and interpret media products;
  • find, collect, analyze, and interpret data and information;
  • use current digital equipment, information technologies, systems, and software necessary for journalism;
  • create basic types of journalistic products and genres for all types of media (print, online, radio, and TV);
  • apply the language capabilities, stylistic abilities, and basic communication skills necessary for journalism and other professions related to mass communication (spokespersons etc.).

Graduate employment

Graduates can work as journalists in print (newspapers, magazines), electronic (radio, TV), and online (news and content websites) media and also as entry-level and mid-level managers in all the above-mentioned types of media organizations. Moreover, they can work in professions related to mass communication (spokespersons etc.). Alternatively, graduates may also work as salaried employees in media research institutions.

Faculty Faculty of Social Studies
Type of study bachelor's
Mode full-time
Standard length of studies 3 years
Language of instruction czech

Field of study combinations

Field combinations with Media Studies and Journalism

Combinations with fields of Faculty of Social Studies

Environmental Studies
European Studies
Gender Studies
International Relations
Political Science
Public Policy and Human Resources
Security & Strategic Studies
Social Anthropology
Social Work

Combinations with fields of other faculties

Faculty of Sports Studies
Animator of Sport Activities
Faculty of Arts
Czech Language and Literature
English Language and Literature
Film and Audio-Visual Culture Studies
French Language and Literature
German Language and Literature
Russian Language and Literature
Spanish Language and Literature
Study of Religions
Theatre Science
Faculty of Economics and Administration
Economic Policy
Public Economics and Administration

Admission Requirements

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Recommended literature

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Evaluation criteria

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Frequently enrolled courses

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