Applied Geography and Geoinformatics

General information

The Bachelor's study programme of Applied Geography and Geoinformatics provides an integrated university education in geography, geoinformatics, and regional development, or the area of sustainable development (depending on a specialization). The graduates are prepared for particular practical activities in those disciplines. The objectives of the study programme of Applied Geography and its specializations (geoinformatics and regional development and geoinformatics and sustainable development) are to provide a student with basic geographical knowledge in physical geography, human geography, methods and techniques of geographical data analysis including GIS and cartographic visualization, geoinformatics, and regional and sustainable development. This knowledge and skills allow students to work in various career fields and positions without the need for further education or retraining.

The qualification in Applied Geography leads to a complex geographical understanding of a landscape that is formed as an intersection of natural, social, and economic processes. The graduates are able to communicate with experts in related branches, which is necessary for the successful solution of tasks and problems in the areas of regional development and sustainable development.

A successful graduate is able to

  • apply basic knowledge and skills in physical geography, human geography, cartography, fundamentals of sociology, economics, urbanism and territorial planning needed for solving the issues related to the regional development
  • communicate smoothly using the modern computational technologies (CT), solve particular geographical tasks using CT, and formalize them using the higher programme languages
  • apply basic knowledge to working with a map, sources of statistical information, and literature
  • communicate with representatives of municipalities, regions and civil initiatives, communication with specialists from private companies
  • apply knowledge of the modern trends in geoinformatics, especially in the area of geographical data processing and analysis
  • gain an orientation in computer cartographic production, and in the basic map works of the Czech Republic
  • set up databases of spatially localised data in required structure and their assessment based on questionaires
  • apply knowledge of basic analytical methods of spatially localized data
  • apply knowledge of principles of present regional policy in the Czech Republic and EU and applly this knowledge in the course of the preparation of concrete projects
  • apply principles of sustainable development in preparation and realisation of individual projects

Graduate employment

The graduates of this study programme may find employment as environmentalists or regionalists, and as advisers in the public and private companies. They can also work in state administration, including the connection to the EU - municipal, metropolitan, district or regional administration, departments of environment, construction and regional development, GIS administration, zoning planning, tourism development, and also at land registry offices, in private companies - data processing, client service, and consultancy services in the field of data processing. After the successful entrance examination the graduates may continue to study in the Master's study programme of Applied Geography.

Faculty Faculty of Science
Type of study bachelor's
Mode full-time
Standard length of studies 3 years
Language of instruction czech

Field of study combinations

Field combinations with Applied Geography and Geoinformatics

This field of study is only offered in single-subject study mode

Admission Requirements

a) TSP or
b) Special Test or
c) TSP and Special Test (Czech only)

Recommended literature

Succes in TSP is not based on study of literature. Last test are available on: For passing the special test it is enough to have knowledges of grammar school lessons.

Evaluation criteria

Result of TSP or special test of geography

Frequently enrolled courses

Recommended study plans and other information can be found in the faculty study catalouge.

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