Genomics and Proteomics

General information

The Master’s study programme of Genomics and Proteomics within the Biochemistry Master’s degree programme produces experts with an overview of the two contemporary, dynamically developing areas – genomics and proteomics. Graduates should be able to apply acquired knowledge and approaches to solutions of research and other tasks in their future employment. Genomics and proteomics are interdisciplinary branches of science dealing with study and analysis of two important functional components of biological systems - genome and proteome. It utilises the knowledge of biochemistry, molecular and system biology, bioanalytical chemistry and other respective disciplines. Genomics and proteomics significantly exceeds the frame of molecular biology, genetics and also biochemistry, therefore it demands thorough knowledge in other, non-biological disciplines. Genomics and proteomics develop methods and analysis approaches for genomes and proteomes of different organisms, tissues, including their states (regulation, pathology). It reaches into all areas of molecular and system biology. The content of the new Master’s study programme of Genomics and Proteomics at the Faculty of Science, MU is compiled mostly with regard to the rapidly increasing amount of information and necessity to combine interdisciplinary approaches (biochemistry, analytical and structural chemistry) within the study of living organisms in post-genomic era.

This new study programme is thus designed primarily for graduates of Bachelor’s degree programmes in Biochemistry, Applied Biochemistry, Biophysics, Chemistry and Biology. However, it is also open to graduates of other Bachelor’s degree programmes who successfully pass the entrance examinations. The study requires a positive approach to experimental work, ability to use complex methodical tools and manage time consuming projects. It aims to allow the adoption of chemical, biological and also physical principles of the bioanalytical approaches and methods to produce experts who would be able to creatively apply their knowledge in bioanalytical praxis to solve problems never met before.

A successful graduate is able to

  • explain the theoretical basics, subject and aims of genomics and proteomics
  • master elementary methodical approaches in genomics and proteomics
  • utilise their knowledge to solve particular scientific problems
  • understand the principles of scientific work, problem analysis, literature research
  • apply experimental methods, collect data and evaluate them
  • present their results both in oral and written forms, in Czech and in English, logically argue on the topic during the discussion

Graduate employment

The interdisciplinary character of the Master’s study programme of Genomics and Proteomics at the Faculty of Science MU enables graduates to gain insight into a large area of basic and applied research in biological and chemical sciences. It allows them to find employment in research and development, clinical laboratories, veterinary research, pharmacological laboratories and biotechnology industry. By extending their knowledge of economy and marketing, graduates may also work as sales representatives of pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies.

The study programme prepares students for independent and responsible problem solving and for a high quality communication (oral and written, in mother tongue and in English). A broad range of practical exercises, along with enough time dedicated to the elaboration of their Master’s theses, enables students to develop skills in their chosen fields, including language skills and orientation in the English written scientific literature.

Graduates can further continue their studies in the doctoral study programmes of Genomics, Proteomics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry or Bioanalytics. They can also find employment in research institutions.

Faculty Faculty of Science
Type of study follow-up master's
Mode full-time
Standard length of studies 2 years
Language of instruction czech

Field of study combinations

Field combinations with Genomics and Proteomics

This field of study is only offered in single-subject study mode

Admission Requirements

(Czech only) Admission examination for master degree field of Genomics and Proteomics is equivalent to state examination of bachelor degree in field of Biochemistry. Requirements include consideration on specific aspects of the field - biochemistry, biology, general and physical chemistry, analytical chemistry and organic chemistry. Form: written examination; 8 questions per each of the five areas. This study field is possible to study only in Czech language.

Recommended literature

As seen on bachelor exam.

Evaluation criteria

Result of entrance test.

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Additional information

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