Mathematical Biology

General information

Computational Biology is a scientific field focusing on the application of mathematical and analytical approaches in biological and medical research. The study of computational biology is a chance for all those interested in biology as well as mathematics and computer skills.

The studies lead to the knowledge and understanding of biology, applied mathematics and computer science with a primary focus on mathematical analysis of biological and biomedical problems. Graduates become familiar with all fundamental biological disciplines, as well as mathematical methods (statistics, mathematical modelling, data analysis) and information technology utilisable in applied research. The practical part of the studies focuses on the application of mathematical methods and information technologies in solving specific problems. Students will be qualified in three main areas according to the specialization of their Bachelor's thesis and according to their choice of elective courses:

1) processing and analysis of biological, genomic and proteomic data

2) processing, analysis and modelling of clinical, physiological and epidemiological data

3) processing, analysis and modelling of environmental data

A successful graduate is able to

  • understand fundamental theoretical and methodological principles of biology and mathematics
  • solve a given problem regarding biological, medical or environmental data analysis and define specific sub-tasks within the solution
  • search for the state of the art of the given problem in the Czech as well as foreign literature
  • select appropriate mathematical methods for solving the given problem
  • select and apply software tools for the chosen mathematical methods available under the specified conditions
  • draw conclusions from the results of a mathematical solution to the given problem

Graduate employment

Graduates of the Computational Biology study programme can find employment in the processing and analysis of biological, medical and environmental data in both academic and commercial sectors (research, medical departments, pharmacology, health care, environmental protection, agriculture and forestry). They can also work in the management of clinical studies or in other fields concerning data management and administration.

Faculty Faculty of Science
Type of study bachelor's
Mode full-time
Standard length of studies 3 years
Language of instruction czech

Field of study combinations

Field combinations with Mathematical Biology

This field of study is only offered in single-subject study mode

Admission Requirements

In admission apllicant has to do a written test: TSP (can be use TSP done on any faculty of university). The level of the test is the same as grammar school lessons. Last test are available on (Czech only)

Recommended literature

In admission apllicant has to do a written test: TSP (can be use TSP done on any faculty of university).

Evaluation criteria

Result of TSP

Frequently enrolled courses

Recommended study plans and other information can be found in the faculty study catalouge.

Additional information

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