French Language for Education

General information

The French Language with a view to Education uses the newest scientific outcomes from the spheres of linguistics, literature and didactic methods, and also reflects the developments in France and other francophone countries. Therefore, this course encompasses both the core linguistic, literary-historic and socio-cultural disciplines as well as the didactic disciplines. Emphasis is placed on acquiring active knowledge of contemporary language and culture, based on a solid methodological approach. Students can test the results of this approach in professional work experience placements. The structure of this course is designed to encourage students to master independent development and the employment of all their gained knowledge and skills, and their creative application in both educational or non-educational practice. The course aims to provide students with pedagogical, psychological, communicative and other formative skills needed for the follow-up Master's degree - Teaching French at Primary and Lower Secondary School Level. Because of the educational characteristics that this course is based on and its work experience programmes, it is only available at the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University (MU). It is complemented by the University's well-structured foundation and ongoing pedagogical and psychological work experience, and training in schools that collaborate with the Faculty. Unlike the philologically oriented studies based at the Faculty of Philosophy, the French Language with a view to Education is part of the Pedagogical Specialisation study programme and can be followed-up with the Master's degree course Teaching French at Primary and Lower Secondary School Level, which is also based only at the Faculty of Education.

A successful graduate is able to

  • use spoken and written French at the B2+ level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (communication competency);
  • categorise basic theoretical knowledge and apply practical skills in phonetics, morphology, syntax and vocabulary (linguistic competency);
  • compare their own cultural and historical context with that of francophone countries and choose suitable strategies for contacting representatives of these cultures (socio-cultural competency);
  • interpret the main literary styles and genres of French and francophone literature in the wider framework with a historical and cultural context, and use correct literary theory terminology (literary sciences competency);
  • apply both theoretical and practical skills in the educational environment by using the basic methods gained from the French Language Didactic module (didactic competency);
  • further develop the above mentioned competencies in specialised disciplines within MSc degree studies.

Graduate employment

The graduates of this study programme are able to find employment in an education environment; have acquired basic professional knowledge with didactic components and are ready to apply for the follow-up MSc degree Teaching French at Primary and Lower Secondary School Level (single subject programme). In accordance with the §20 regulation no. 563/2004 (educational staff), they can work as teaching assistants, after-school and adult learning programme instructors, language school instructors, halls of residence instructors as well as in various public institutions which provide educational activities.

Faculty Faculty of Education
Type of study bachelor's
Mode full-time
Standard length of studies 3 years
Language of instruction czech

Field of study combinations

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Combinations with fields of other faculties

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Admission Requirements

The applicants will take the Learning Potential Test (in Czech language!)

Evaluation criteria

Conditions and criteria for admission to studies in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes at the Faculty of Education, MU are made public on the PdF website

Additional information

For successful entrance into the study, the knowledge of the language in the upper secondary school level is assumed, ie level A2-B1. Language competencies can be further developed by students in accordance with their individual needs through optional subjects.

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