Geography for Education

General information

The aim of the study programme is to provide students with basic professional skills based on expertise in the field of geography and pedagogical and psychological disciplines, so that they are able to pursue the appropriate profession or to continue in the Master's programme:

  • To develop professional skills and gain knowledge from geography and its related disciplines that graduates will use in practice, or in other Master's programmes;
  • To obtain geographical knowledge and skills in the school environment, in the GIS laboratory and in the field;
  • To develop geographical knowledge and skills for use in practice;
  • To prepare graduates for studying geography teaching for primary and secondary schools.

Graduates have basic vocational education with a specific didactic component and are ready for the follow-up Master's programme in geography teaching and/or in scientific geography.

A successful graduate is able to

  • know the depth and width of geography as an academic discipline and its paradigms, and understand geographical knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • understand how the content of particular geographical disciplines is included in the current curriculum of elementary schools
  • have broad knowledge and skills from the sub-disciplines of physical and socio-economic geography
  • have the knowledge and skills of cartography, geoinformatics and remote sensing
  • have the basic skills of working with geographical information systems, navigation systems, map servers, with aerial and satellite data in their relation to the objects and phenomena in the Earth landscape sphere
  • use knowledge about the didactics and the content of geographical topics based on the content of geographical science, and use them in the design and implementation of extra-curricular and leisure activities

Graduate employment

At the Bachelor's level, students are trained in Specialization in Pedagogy usually in a combination of two disciplines (e.g. Education of Geography and Mathematics). Bachelor's degree graduates will obtain the necessary competencies to enable them by Act no. 563/2004 Sb., On teachers, as amended, to work as teaching assistants. They may further work in free-time centres as educators in youth homes and centres, and in various civic associations involved in educational activities. Besides professional activities, graduates are ready to enter the Master's degree programme of Teacher Training for Primary Schools and Secondary School Teaching. The Bachelor's studies consist of specialised geography, didactics and groups of subjects based on the standard of Masaryk University (thesis related subjects, language training, physical education, etc. as general university courses).

Faculty Faculty of Education
Type of study bachelor's
Mode full-time
Standard length of studies 3 years
Language of instruction czech

Field of study combinations

Field combinations with Geography for Education

Combinations with fields of Faculty of Education

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Combinations with fields of other faculties

Faculty of Sports Studies
Animator of Sport Activities

Admission Requirements

The applicants will take the Learning Potential Test (in Czech language!)

Evaluation criteria

Conditions and criteria for admission to studies in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes at the Faculty of Education, MU are made public on the PdF website

Additional information

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