Secondary School Teacher Training in Art

General information

Art Education for primary and secondary schools is a fundamental underpinning of the development of creative thinking. The main objective is to move towards a balanced development of practical art activities of an artistic character with theoretical knowledge of art history, art theory and art technologies. The subjects taught and the other work of the department are designed to simultaneously develop coordination, curatorial and organizational skills that develop high quality graduates who can present the results of works of art in education in a professional manner, particularly at secondary level.

The conception of the studies also tries to develop the long-term specific character of the department, which focuses on issues of art and developing the skills of teachers to work with children and secondary school students in galleries with art originals. The programme offers a comprehensive professional path to the development of creativity, methodical work and students' own artistic activities.

A successful graduate is able to

  • apply a balanced proportion of practical skills and theoretical knowledge and methodological and methodical experience
  • independently decide on the suitability and character of the used artistic processes and art activities for a certain age
  • use the experience of contact with works of art and in a meaningful way can lead pupils towards an interest in culture and the arts
  • demonstrate knowledge of current art with a personal interest and show pupils and students how to create their own works and to acquire related experience as well as theoretical and historical knowledge

Graduate employment

Graduates are fully qualified to exercise the profession of art teachers in primary and secondary schools. Moreover, they are qualified to operate in extracurricular (eg. free-time) institutions. They can demonstrate well-structured knowledge and skills in the visual field. The effectiveness of their professional conduct is subject to the didactic knowledge art education in primary schools and secondary schools and their wider general pedagogical and psychological knowledge and skills (knowledge of a broader base of education and training, knowledge and educational practices, knowledge of the participants in education, etc.).

Faculty Faculty of Education
Type of study follow-up master's
Mode full-time
Standard length of studies 2 years
Language of instruction czech

Field of study combinations

Field combinations with Secondary School Teacher Training in Art

Combinations with fields of Faculty of Education

Gallery Education and Arts Facilitation
Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in Civics
Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in French Language
Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in German Language
Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in Chemistry
Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in Mathematics
Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in Technology and IT Education
Secondary School Teacher Training in Czech Language
Secondary School Teacher Training in Music
Upper Secondary School Teacher Training in Special Education

Combinations with fields of other faculties

Faculty of Science
Upper Secondary School Teacher Training in Mathematics

Admission Requirements


Applicants will take an examination on art, detailed information here (Czech only).

Evaluation criteria

Conditions and criteria for admission to studies in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes at the Faculty of Education, MU are made public on the PdF website

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