Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in Geography

General information

The objectives of this course are to provide students with integrated knowledge and skills based on the geography field and transformed into a teaching subject through didactics, with the support of pedagogical and psychological disciplines and current research findings. This course further shapes and develops the skills of reflection regarding the teaching process in the appropriate types and levels of schools. It also supports the skill of self-reflection in the teacher's role and acceptance of the moral obligations and teaching ethics. This leads to the preparation of primary and lower secondary school teachers in general educational field of Geography (usually with a combination of another discipline) as a part of the educational area People and Nature overlapping into the educational area People and Society as it is defined in the Framework Educational Programme for Elementary Education.

A successful graduate is able to

  • Know geography as a discipline, and has an overview of the geographical curriculum which helps pupils to understand the nature of geography as a boundary discipline between physical and social sciences
  • Work with methods of geographic research particularly in the area of data collection and field work, and he/she knows how to use them in teaching geography as powerful learning strategies
  • Support the development of geographical thinking of pupils based on mutual communication and appropriately chosen forms and methods of teaching
  • Work with methods of educational research in the field of teaching quality assessment and self-reflection as a tool for personal development
  • Seek to understand the age differences among pupils and students who they are teaching, and tries to create a safe, supportive and intellectually challenging learning environment
  • Plan, evaluate, generate reports and statements, react to changes in the educational system and in conformity with this activity seeks gradual professional growth and development
  • Communicate not only with students but also with other participants in the educational process, i.e. with parents, colleagues, staff counselling services and other professionals and school partners

Graduate employment

The Master's degree students are trained under the programme of Primary and Lower Secondary School Teaching, or Secondary School Teaching, usually with a combination of two disciplines (e.g. Geography Teaching and Maths Teaching). Through studying the Master's programme, graduates gain the necessary competence which enables them, in accordance with Act no. 563/2004 Coll., on teachers, to work as teachers. Moreover, the graduates are qualified to work in extracurricular institutions. They are ready to establish their professional behaviour based on well-structured knowledge and skills in their disciplines.

Faculty Faculty of Education
Type of study follow-up master's
Mode full-time
Standard length of studies 2 years
Language of instruction czech

Field of study combinations

Field combinations with Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in Geography

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Combinations with fields of other faculties

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Admission Requirements


Applicants will take a test covering the field "Basics of Human Sciences", detailed information here (Czech only).

Evaluation criteria

Conditions and criteria for admission to studies in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes at the Faculty of Education, MU are made public on the PdF website http://www.ped.muni.cz/studium/pro-uchazece-o-studium.

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