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General information

Studying physiotherapy at the Faculty of Sports Studies allows students to acquire deep theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the context of preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic care in rehabilitation. Physiotherapy graduates are able in collaboration with physicians to implement diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative procedures and methods in the rehabilitation process and in patient care. With a sophisticated focus of study and systematic teaching of practical skills, graduates of this field can work in the implementation of programmes of the WHO and the United Nations and preventative health regeneration programmes for vulnerable population groups. Furthermore, they are able to prescribe and monitor physical intervention programmes in primary and secondary prevention of major chronic non-infectious diseases with dominant global prevalence. Students may also occupy an important place in the care of disabled citizens and with their professional knowledge and skills may contribute to their social integration.

Graduates of physiotherapy at FSpS MU will also be ready to work as sports physiotherapists in sports teams, clubs and organizations. Thanks to their special education in sport and in the application of therapeutic plans to compensate for unilateral sporting overload, they are able to enhance the quality of the sports training process supporting the health of athletes. Graduates are thus able to provide quality care to the general sporting population as well as to top athletes.

Due to the strong focus on sports physiotherapy and collaboration in research projects related to the physically active population, students of Physiotherapy at FSpS MU stand out from physiotherapy students at most other universities in the country.

A successful graduate is able to

  • describe and explain in accordance with kinanthropology and medico-biological and social sciences, basic theoretical and methodological knowledge in the field of therapeutic and preventative rehabilitation
  • practically apply diagnostic and therapeutic approaches and methods
  • investigate the musculoskeletal system of the individual to determine the differential diagnosis of a key issue, and based on the knowledge to design and apply a therapeutic plan
  • generate and uphold for individual patients the diagnostic and therapeutic process of comprehensive rehabilitation and bear full responsibility for it
  • suggest a preventative or therapeutic exercise programme for clients from the ranks of racing and amateur athletes of all ages, both healthy and disabled
  • participate in the integration of disabled citizens and to improve their quality of life
  • describe the rules and principles of ethical behaviour and conduct in the provision of care for their clients and patients
  • apply basic knowledge of scientific methodology and design and develop a model case study within a research project

Work experience

Praktická výuka probíhá formou průběžných praxí, které během jednotlivých semestrů absolvujete ve zdravotnických zařízeních. Dlouhodobé 3-4 týdenní odborné praxe realizované ve smluvních zdravotnických a lázeňských zařízeních po celé ČR i v zahraničí si můžete zvolit sami dle svého profesního zájmu, stejně tak sportovní klub.

Vaše znalosti a zkušenosti z praxe pak budete aplikovat během praktické výuky, kdy budete mít možnost seznámit se i s provozem a prací fyzioterapeuta na odborných pracovištích a aktivně se účastnit diagnosticko-terapeutických postupů u pacientů.

Additional information

Graduate destination

The graduates of physiotherapy are prepared to carry out work in departments providing comprehensive physiotherapy care, in medical rehabilitation centres and institutes, social care institutes, in spa facilities, and in all other workplaces dealing with medical rehabilitation. They can also apply for health care for athletes of all ages and performance levels.

Admission Requirements

Unfortunately no information about admission requirements is available.

Field of study combinations

Field combinations with Physiotherapy

This field of study is only offered in single-subject study mode

Frequently enrolled courses

Recommended study plans and other information can be found in the faculty study catalouge.

Further studies

A student with a Bachelor's degree in physiotherapy can (after meeting the admission conditions) continue in any subsequent Master's study programme in the field Specialization in Health Care - Physiotherapy.

Study field data

Faculty Faculty of Sports Studies
Type of study Bachelor's
Mode full-time Yes
combined No
Standard length of studies 3 years
Language of instruction Czech

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