The Future of Work: Radical changes in jobs and careers

What will your job be like in 5 years time? Are you ready to step in to the world of disruption and tech-driven environments? What will your future career look like and how to get ready?
Join this open session at the 6th Annual ABSL Conference. Experts from various industries will bring insights into current trends and jobs of the future. Come to meet in person experts from business services, including Deloitte, Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Czech Republic CZ, Jobs 2030, KBC and Zebra Technologies.
Joining them will be: Michael Londesborough, Researcher and Science evangelist living and working in Czech Republic, and Cristina Muntean, Mentor and personal branding trainer who will give great tips on building your personal brand.

The event will be in English.


Enroll was possible until 13 November 2019.

Organized by
Mgr. Anna Mašátová
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