The Office for Studies has issued a methodological guide for teaching in the autumn semester

The Office for Studies of the Masaryk University Rector’s Office issued a new methodological guideline No. 2/2020, which sets out the basic rules for the organization of teaching and examinations at Masaryk University in the autumn semester of the academic year 2020/2021. Contact teaching will be possible in practical courses and small groups.

26 Sep 2020

Lectures in the autumn semester 2020 shall be primarily held online by means of digital technologies. Lectures shall be delivered in the synchronous mode (online teaching in real time, at the time according to the schedule for in-person teaching) or in the asynchronous mode using a video or audio recording made in advance and with the support of teaching/learning materials.

Instruction in the form of seminars shall be held online similarly to lectures; it may also be replaced with another form of performance of study duties where a sufficient degree of interactivity is maintained.

The ban on personal presence of students in the instruction shall not apply to the following cases: clinical and practical instruction and training; laboratory, experimental and artistic work where 15 persons at the maximum are present; individual consultations; examinations and other forms of verifying knowledge where 10 persons at the maximum are present; individual visits to libraries and study rooms.

The guarantor of a course that is taught online in the extraordinary mode of using digital technologies in the autumn semester shall specify this fact in the IS MU. The course guarantor shall be responsible for such use of digital technologies that will ensure the compliance of the course with the accreditation terms. A mere provision of learning materials for self-study shall not be considered adequate.

The course guarantor is entitled to change the manner of completion and the method of evaluation of the course during the course implementation. Students must be notified of such a change no later than 3 weeks before the first regular deadline for completion.

With regard to first-year students, the guarantor of the degree programme in cooperation with teachers shall organise regular synchronous teaching in the relevant scope, supplemented with a sufficient offer of individual consultations.

The website is constantly updated for the purposes of teachers’ support.

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