The State of Emergency ended on 17 May. See the current restriction in the Czech Republic

12 Mar 2020

Update: Thu 1 July

The State of Emergency in the Czech Republic was declared between 12 March to 17 May 2020. The reason was the danger to the health of the population due to the coronavirus outbreak. Although the State of Emergency is no longer valid, there are still some restrictions. Please read the details below. See also official government websites.

Please note that university measures taken are still valid. Read more on Masaryk University’s emergency measures here. 

Current restrictions:

  • From 1 July, facemasks are no longer required indoors and on public transport, except for areas with a higher incidence of coronavirus infection (currently Prague and Karviná). Facemasks are still required in Prague metro.
  • Current entering the Czech Republic: Please find see the detailed information for students and for employees.
  • For details on issuing visas and residence permits, please see the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.
  • All foreign nationals can legally stay in the Czech Republic for an additional 60 days after the end of the State of Emergency – that is until 17 July 2020. See the details here.

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