prof. MUDr. Martin Bareš, Ph.D.

dean Faculty of Medicine

office: bud. A17/333
Kamenice 753/5
625 00 Brno

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phone: +420 549 49 1301

Field of study: Kinanthropology

consultant of doctoral students
Adam Hromčík topic: Sensorimotor mechanisms of timing performance in sub-second intervals for specific population groups

Field of study: Neurology

supervisor of doctoral students
Ivica Čechová graduate 2013, topic: The role of the subcortical structures during predictive motor timing in early Parkinson s disease: Functional imaging study and effective connectivity
Pavel Filip graduate 2016, topic: Time Estimation and Other Non-Motor Functions of Cerebellum and Subcortical Circuits
Tomáš Gescheidt graduate 2013, topic: Study of decision making in patients with Parkinson's disease using Iowa Gambling Task (strategy analysis and functional anatomical correlates)
Eduard Minks graduate 2014, topic: Parkinsons disease: Influence of motor skills using low-frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) of the cerebellum and processing of subconscious sensory information using intracerebral recording of Mismatch negativity (MMN). Neurophysiological studies.

Field of study: Neuroscience

supervisor of doctoral students
Pavlína Hlavatá topic: Studium sociální kognice, emoční regulace, impulzivity a jejich neuronálních substrátů ADHD, poruch autistického spektra a neurodegenerativních poruch
Klára Holíková topic: Feasibility and reproducibility of new imaging techniques of white matter in health and disorder
Petr Sojka topic: The embodied mind: dynamics of motor control and neuropsychology of motor coordination in neurodegenerative diseases
Rastislav Šumec topic: Cognitive and psychological aspects of mental and physical activities in neurological disorders
Petra Zemánková graduate 2018, topic: Behavioural aspects and neural substrates of neuropsychiatric disorders with emphasis on social cognition

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