prof. Ing. Jiří Sochor, CSc.

Office: A413
Botanická 554/68a
602 00 Brno

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Phone: +420 549 49 6939

Field of study: Computer Systems and Technologies

supervisor of doctoral students
Antonín Pavelka graduate 2016, topic: Bioinformatics tools for the analysis of macromolecular structures

Field of study: Informatics

supervisor of doctoral students
Petr Beneš graduate 2011, topic: Computation and analysis of channels in protein dynamics
Barbora Bühnová graduate 2008, topic: Modelling and Formal Analysis of Component-Based Systems in View of Component Interaction
Jan Byška graduate 2016, topic: Analysis and Visualization of Protein Structures
Jan Flasar graduate 2005, topic: Interaction Techniques in Non-Immersive Virtual Environment
Jiří Chmelík graduate 2013, topic: Virtual Environment Kit for Visual Arts
Adam Jurčík graduate 2017, topic: Detection and Visualization of Protein Surface Features
Pavel Kolčárek graduate 2006, topic: Multiresolution Methods for Haptic Rendering
Vít Kovalčík graduate 2007, topic: Occlusion Culling in Dynamic Scenes
Barbora Kozlíková graduate 2011, topic: Visualization Techniques for Static and Dynamic Protein Molecules and Their Channels
Lubomír Markovič graduate 2004, topic: Objects with Roles
Petr Medek graduate 2010, topic: Computation of channels in protein molecules
Radek Ošlejšek graduate 2004, topic: Generic Rendering Architecture
Luděk Pokluda graduate 2008, topic: Haptical Navigation of Visually Impaired Persons in Building Models
Ondřej Strnad graduate 2014, topic: Algorithms for Detecting Pathways in Large Protein Structures and Their Ensembles
Petr Tobola graduate 2003, topic: Linear Binary Space Partitions
Marek Vinkler graduate 2015, topic: Construction of Acceleration Data Structures for Ray Tracing

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