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Social Work Confronting New Right Wing Movements in Europe

Project Identification
Project Period
5/2011 - 5/2011
Investor / Pogramme / Project type
European Union
MU Faculty or unit
Faculty of Social Studies

The aim of the IP “Social Work confronting New Right Wings Movements” is to design a new module about strategies of prevention of extreme attitudes, discussion of the role of social work and education in consciousness–processes, activation of civic society and explore possibilities and limitations of working with right wing juveniles.
Target groups are 48 2nd and 3rd year students and 13 teachers from seven European countries and eight partner institutions. A number of regional institutions, anti-discrimination networks, vocational centres, enterprises, schools and key persons of municipalities and communities of the region will be involved.
Main planned activities: Designing IP methodology, development of theoretical and conceptual portfolio on the subject of IP, development of innovative teaching methods, designing a project website. Field visits (learning by researching, developing joined activities in an intercultural team with regional activists and target groups.)
Expected outputs: IP module/syllabus, a guidebook for students, students’ homework and project reports, a website, articles in local and international magazines, a methodical teacher guidebook with good practice models and formulated competencies of confronting Right wing Movements