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New Mississippian trilobite association from the Brno vicinity


RAK Štěpán KALVODA Jiří DEVUYST Francois Xavier

Year of publication 2012
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Geologica Carpathica
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Science

Field Geology and mineralogy
Keywords Carboniferous Moravian Karst paleontology biostratigraphy trilobites
Description Eleven trilobite species (Archegonus (Archegonus) aequalis philliboloides R. Hahn, 1967, Bollandia persephone (Hahn & Hahn, 1970), Bollandia cf. megaira (Hahn & Hahn, 1970), Liobole (Panibole) cf. jugovensis (Osmólska, 1968), Liobole (Sulcubole) glabroides (Richter & Richter, 1949), Semiproetus (Macrobole) drewerensis latipalpebratus (Osmólska, 1973), Proliobole vigilax (Chlupáč, 1961), Cyrtoproetus (Cyrtoproetus) cracoensis cracoensis (Reed, 1899), Carbonocoryphe (Carbonocoryphe) bindemanni Richter & Richter, 1950, Tawstockia (Beleckella) milleri (Hahn & Hahn, 1971), Cummingella (Cummingella) cf. auge Hahn & Hahn, 1968) are described for the first time from the shales of the Březina Formation in Mokrá Quarry near Brno (Bohemian Massif, Moravian Karst). This typical trilobite association – comparable to that previously described from the Erdbacher Kalken of Steeden in Hessen (Germany) – was found during excavation in the Mokrá Quarry but they do not come from the exact Tournaisian-Visean boundary. Stratigraphical correlation and comparison of material is mentioned below, as is the history of the trilobite research from the Moravian Karst.
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