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First Feedbacks on Restored Floodplain Lakes Sedimentation of the Upper Rhône River



Year of publication 2009
Type Conference abstract
Description Sedimentation rates and processes were studied in eighteen restored floodplain lakes andchannels of the Rhône River in south-eastern France. Whilst many authors have studied thesedimentation in former channels before restoration, little is known about post-restorationsedimentation rates and processes since these are only now becoming evident. The objectiveof study was therefore to evaluate the variability in post-restoration habitat conditions insideof floodplain lakes (inter-lake comparison) and to consider the temporal evolution of habitatconditions. The increase of the minimum discharge in the old Rhône channel and the removalof sediments in the floodplain lakes were the main issues of the Rhône River restorationproject. In addition, the minimum discharge increase resulted in a higher water-table in theformer Rhône channel. The sediment survey protocol was established and three steps wereimplemented: i) the measurement of the sedimentation rates based on the ratio between themean sediment thickness and the time since the restoration works; ii) determination of connection discharge by piezometers and precise DGPS survey and iii) the statistical analysisof the relationships and inter-lake analysis (the characterization of connection frequency andto define the life expectancy of former channels).

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