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Modulation of Evi-1 expression in chicken embryos.



Year of publication 2013
Type Article in Proceedings
Keywords Evi-1, FGFR inhibitor, chicken limb development
Description EVI-1 (ecotropical viral integration site 1) was first described as a common locus of retroviral integration in myeloid tumors found in AKXD mice (Mucenski et al., 1988). Cloning of chicken cDNA corresponding to this locus revealed that the EVI-1 gene encodes a transcription factor belonging to the zinc-binding family located on chromosome 9 of the chicken genome. EVI-1 expression, displayed by in situ hybridization, was localized in the brain and intermediate mesoderm at stage 13 of chicken embryos. In the head of later stages, EVI-1 expression was situated in all pharyngeal arches with the most prominent expression in the second and the third pharyngeal arch. Furthermore, EVI-1 was expressed adjacent to the apical ectodermal ridge. As this structure is a source of FGFs, we tested whether endogenous FGF signaling was necessary to maintain EVI-1 expression.

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