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Stát jako hegemon symbolických nástrojů

Title in English State as a Hegemon of Symbolical Instruments

ŠKOP Martin

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Faculty of Law

Description In characterizing the negative aspects of the current state, its dysfunction and problems it creates, it is significant to combine the so-called twilight of the (current) modern state with postmodernism. Modern (current) state is still beyond the postmodern characteristics, and they are still rather consequences ill-conceived conveniences of modern consumer society and to connect it with negative images. Uniting the current trend to use to describe the lack of state law with postmodernism is therefore in my view wrong. Postmodernism not caused by change of state - the state itself has not changed much and still uses the "best" practices, which he endowed by modernism. The only thing that changes is the nature of knowledge (in Lyotard sense).
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