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Criminal Story as an Interpellation



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Description Concerning the interpellation as an interruption of the order of the day, such an interpellation can be seen as anything that awakes society from its usual lethargy. It is necessary because lethargy and indifference often allow committing crimes in the society. When asking what can be such an interpellation, we can find the answer in art. This interpellation has to be effective enough to affect society. The effectiveness of each interpellation depends on its comprehensibility for recipients so only a comprehensive question in combination with a comprehensive answer can convince society. The detective story is one of the most popular literary genres. Its popularity is caused by, among other things, viewer’s opportunity of living the experience in the detective or in the victim's own skin. Such a personal experience is needed to make the interpellation efficient. Many detective stories are somewhat based on real stories and connected with law. The purpose of this paper is to show how a detective story based on reality can re-shape reality by demanding an explanation concerning a government action or policy which allows committing crime as described in the detective story.
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