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K vybraným otázkám pojmu, principu a hodnocení efektivnosti ve veřejné správě

Title in English On Selected Questions of Effectiveness Concept, Principle and Evaluation in Public Administration


Year of publication 2013
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Kontrola rozhodovacích procesov vo verejnej správe ako prostriedok hodpodárskej efektívnosti verejnej správy
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Law

Field Law sciences
Keywords administrative Law - General principles - efficiency - evaluation - governance
Description The article deals, in combinated administrative science and administrative law approaches, with the content and different meanings of the effectiveness concept. It analyses the general requirement of public administration effectiveness, then economic effectivenss of public administration, and finally effectiveness as a public administration activities principle; mutual relations of these terms, bases and consequences of their evaluation. It accents mutual conditionality of different meanings of effectiveness mentioned above, the necessity of suitable criteria evaluation, and the need of systemic approaches in theoretical and practical for levels.
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