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Ochrana soukromí versus svoboda projevu médií

Title in English Protection of Privacy versus Freedom of Expression of the Media


Year of publication 2013
Type Monograph
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Law

Description Freedom of expression is an essential element of democracy. Its protection is highlighted especially in the connection with media described as public watchdogs of democracy. But how to act if these dogs stop to watch and begin to ‘bite’ by invading privacy of various persons and consequently by informing about it? Is it a role of democratic society to protect media in any case or are there cases where it is appropriate to revoke media their wide freedom of expression in order to protect privacy of those who were ‘bitten’. And how to act in the case of virtual dogs that have global impact and the legal regulation is considerably less developed than in the ‘real’ world? Does the legal regulation possess the ability to regulate freedom of expression in the cyberspace through rules of national, international private or international public law in order to protect privacy of persons? In the submitted book the authors try to find the answers on these and many other questions.
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